Wedding Frequently Asked Questions.....

• Is there a dressing room for the bride/groom to get ready in?


We have a small cottage that is available for the bride and her attendants to get dressed and touch up hair and make-up, and wait until the ceremony.   This is available starting at 3:45 pm - 6:30 pm at which time items would need to be removed from the cottage.  Unfortunately, it is not large enough, nor available early enough, to use as the sole place for everyone to have their hair and make-up done.  There is a fully refundable security deposit required for the use of the cottage in the amount of $500.00.   If you would like to have the use of the cottage for the duration of your event,  there is  $500 rental fee. You also have the option to bring an RV/or Travel Trailer onto the property to prepare in at no charge. 

What time can we come in to start decorating the area?


4:00 pm


Are there sound restrictions?


No, not within reason.  Sometimes after 10:30 pm if the music is especially loud we may request it is We have to observe neighbors and other possible other weddings.

What about arranging for a band or disc jockey? 


You are welcome to bring in your own entertainment, or we can assist you in making arrangements.

If you are planning on having a live band we will discuss the details with you and whether the band has horn instruments.  On occasion this can be an issue after 10 pm as they are quite loud. 

What type of seating does Coyote Ranch provide?


We have 8 ft long wooden farm style dining tables set up in long rows, “family style”.

We use long benches for the seating. You can upgrade to wooden chairs for an add'l fee.

Can we replace the benches with chairs?

Yes, you can. We can order chairs for your ceremony, your reception, or both. When group’s decide to    

upgrade to chairs then they typically use the benches for the ceremony (for which there is no fee) and use the chairs for the reception seating.  The cost of the chairs depends upon which chairs you choose ranging  from $2.50 to $5.50.   We can discuss this when the time comes. 

• Can we rearrange the placement of the tables or replace them with round tables?


Unfortunately, we are unable to rearrange the entire layout of our tables for the reception seating, with a few exceptions of a table here or there.  We can work with you to determine the placement of your head table or sweetheart table and in order to do this can tweak the placement of a few existing tables. 

• Are candles allowed?

Oh YES!  We love romantic lighting and our personal motto is 'the more candles the better'!   If providing your own candles we highly recommend they be placed in a container that protects the wick by at least 2-3 inches, or more. Otherwise they tend to blow out quite often.  Note: Large pillar style candles look lovely in our outdoor setting, mixed with smaller candles. 

• Can we provide our own caterer?

If this is something you are considering, please let us know and we can discuss your options and provide you with a non-catered quote. We do however have to handle all beverage service.

Outside caterers must be licensed and insured. We do not have any kitchen facilities for outside caterers.

• Can Coyote Ranch do appetizers?

Yes, please inquire for options and pricing.

• Do you have a refrigerated place for us to place the cake?

This will vary depending on whether our coolers are full due to events preceding or following your wedding. When possible, we will try and accommodate your cake. However, we do not handle the placing or assembling of wedding cakes. If we are able to accommodate your cake in our coolers, we will not be able to do so until any events preceding yours are completed, typically 4:00 pm. This is for the safety of you wedding cake.

• Will Coyote Ranch cut the cake for us?


Yes. There is a fee of $100.00  for cake cutting service.  

You are welcome to assign someone from your group to handle the service of your desserts.   

Cake plates, forks, small napkins all need to be supplied by the wedding party.

• Does Coyote Ranch handle the clean-up afterward the reception?

Yes.  We handle the cleaning of the area, prior to and after the event. However, you will be responsible for the breakdown and removal of any of your own decor or personal items that you bring in.

• When do we have to have our decorations picked up by?


Depending upon our next days events we will let you know when everything needs to be picked up. If we   have an event the following day, which is usually the case, then your decor and belongings would need to be removed following the reception.
On the rare occasion we do not have an event the following day, you can come back the next morning at    

your convenience to retreive your items.  Keep in mind we can not guarantee the safety of your items 

since we are an outdoor facility and can not lock up the reception area.  Also, if this were the case we 

we would not have any staff members present to assist the following day.

• How do we schedule a rehearsal ?

As we get closer to the actual event, we will negotiate with you a time and day when we do not have another event scheduled so that you can have a walk through dress rehearsal. We are not able to plan the date/time very far in advance due to the uncertainy of the availability of the event site on any given date as we host many events during the summer weekdays. Rehearsals typically must take place on a Monday-Thursday and you would have a small window from roughly 4:00-5:00 pm to do so.   Otherwise, we can find another stand-in location for you to practice on the ranch grounds so you will at least have place to to a walk through of your entrance and exit's, etc. 



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